Our Vision

The West Sacramento Home Run initiative is a unique and transformational program that benefits your family and our City as a whole. It is working through exciting ways to strengthen early childhood education opportunities, drive work skills acquisition, increase college attendance and completion, and improve workforce readiness. This transformative initiative will build up West Sacramento’s talented and competitive workforce – propelling us all toward a bright and prosperous future.


The Home Run Initiative

There are multiple opportunities for families and businesses in West Sacramento to participate in and benefit from this innovative “cradle-to-career” initiative. Through a series of program “bases”, West Sacramento Home Run benefits local businesses and families with children of all ages as it helps them achieve success in both their education and long term careers.

Students in the Washington Unified School District will have access to educational resources that are unmatched in the region.

West Sacramento Home Run:

  • Promotes quality early childhood education at certified preschools
  • Increases financial literacy
  • Provides college financial support to encourage attendance and completion
  • Facilitates work-based learning through local internships
  • Gives students a pathway to earn digital badges that demonstrate in-demand skills
  • Enhances career readiness

West Sacramento Home Run will benefit local businesses and organizations by increasing college completion rates and providing real world work experience through internships and digital badges, which are online certifications awarded after mastering in-demand skills. This transformative initiative will produce a stronger and more qualified workforce in our City.