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Support the West Sacramento Home Run initiative and help create a strong, more qualified workforce.

1st Base
Preschool & College Savings Account

Quality early childhood education leaders to better performance and a greater likelihood of college enrollment and having a skilled job. Learn more about 1st Base and how you can help West Sacramento's young students.

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2nd Base
Internships & Digital Badges

Through internship opportunities, West Sacramento Home Run provides real world training for students and gives local employers access to a steady stream of qualified talent. 2nd Base's digital badge program also allows students to be recognized for skills that are not often measured in traditional ways. Help strengthen West Sacramento's local workforce and design badges that align with the skill sets you need in your employees.

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3rd Base
College Promise & Scholarship

College degrees bring better jobs, better opportunities, better incomes, and a better quality of life. Help West Sacramento provide financial assistance through the Home Run initiative and help graduating seniors attend and complete college.

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