Home Run Presented to Federal Reserve

Mayor Cabaldon was invited by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City to present on the West Sacramento Home Run during the Federal Reserve “Investing in America’s Workforce” Conference. Mayor Cabaldon served as a panelist during a session on “Middle skills in America’s Workforce” and how the West Sacramento Home Run bridges the skills gap in West Sacramento through the use of digital badges, college completion-based college promise and paid internships for youth in integrated college and career pathways.

During the session, Mayor Cabaldon and other nationally recognized workforce development leaders in a discussion of opportunities, within the context of the diminishing availability of middle skills jobs, for investments to expand alternative opportunities for financial stability and economic mobility in ways that benefit employers as well as workers. The panel was moderated by Vice President and Interim Director of Research for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. Other participants included Maurice Jones, President and CEO, Local Initiatives Support Corporation as well as Katherine McClelland, Director of Education and Workforce in the National Association of Manufacturers and David Rolf, President, of SEIU Local 775.