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Preschool & College Savings Account
Providing the highest quality early child education


Program Overview

Parents will be able to easily identify Home Run certified preschools which have programming that meets or exceeds Universal Preschool for West Sacramento (UP4WS) educational standards.  

How it works

The City of West Sacramento works with trained Early Learning Specialists to improve the quality of instruction, training of teaching staff and provide access to resources that can improve classroom environments and materials. Early Learning Specialists then rate preschools and certify those who meet and/or exceed quality standards. Home Run-Certified high-quality preschools have met or exceeded quality standards in the following areas:

  • Child Observation: Home Run-Certified Preschools offer evidence-based assessments/observation tools that offer information about each child’s development to guide curriculum planning.
  • Development and health screenings: Home Run-Certified Preschools ensure children are screened to support appropriate growth and development. Results are used to refer families to appropriate agencies for further assessment if needed.
  • Teacher Qualifications: Home Run-Certified Preschools support ongoing professional learning and staff education.
  • Effective teacher-child interactions/CLASS assessments: Home Run-Certified Preschools promote high-quality teacher-child interactions and developmentally appropriate teaching and learning experiences.
  • Program Environment Rating Scales: Home Run-Certified Preschools offer safe and age-appropriate indoor and outdoor learning environments for all children.

Why this strategy

Participation and completion of high-quality preschool can have a tremendous impact in the life of a child. High-quality preschool attendance and completion has been shown to reduce grade retention (being held back a grade) and increase high school graduation rates.


Program Overview

Kindergartners enrolled in the Washington Unified School District who attended a Home Run-Certified high-quality preschool are eligible for a $50 seed deposit by the City of West Sacramento and a $50 seed deposit by ScholarShare529, California’s 529 college savings plan, in their new city-sponsored college savings account. ScholarShare529 provides tax-advantaged, easy-to-use college savings accounts with a variety of investment options for you and your family to choose from.

How it works

Why this strategy

Sixty-five percent of U.S. jobs will require some form of postsecondary education by 2020. Completing some form education past high school is necessary for success in any career field, particularly for the high demand, high wage and high growth positions in West Sacramento. Children with college savings between $1 – $499 are three times more likely to attend college than their peers without savings and four times more likely to graduate.

How to Get Started:


View the list of certified preschools and choose one that works best for you and your child.


Once your child graduates preschool, find a WUSD kindergarten to be eligible for the city-sponsored College Savings Account and receive a $50 seed deposit to help your family save and plan for college. Complete the steps above to get started or attend an upcoming workshop on the College Savings Account program.

Program Success

Students enrolled in a Certified High-Quality Preschool