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Unlocking educational & professional opportunities for high school students


Program Overview:

Juniors and Seniors enrolled in the Washington Unified School District can access paid internships that are aligned with the school district’s integrated college and career pathway programs, which are sequences of courses that expose students to concepts and skills they will need to pursue a job in one of ten industry areas. Internships offer real world training for students, exposing them to career options, and preparing them for entry level jobs in high wage, high demand, and high growth careers.


How it works:

Students can enroll in an integrated college and career pathway as early as 9th grade at River City High School during their regular enrollment process.

Students need to complete at least two classes in your pathway. As an outgoing Junior or Senior, you will be eligible for an internship. Students will then need to create a LaunchPath account in order to view and apply for internships. Students will need to upload a resume and cover letter to apply and be competitive for internships. Internships are typically posted March – June so students should check and apply for internships regularly.

West Sacramento Home Run is already teamed up with local employers such as the City of West Sacramento, Wallace Kuhl and Associates, the Center for Land Based Learning, Lenise’s Café, Open Agricultural Supply, Washington Unified School District, Broderick’s Roadhouse, Center for Land Based Learning, KJ2, Health Education Council, CA Department of Parks and Recreation, the Sacramento Rivercats and the California Fuel Cell partnership to provide high schoolers with internship opportunities.


Why this strategy:

Students enrolled in integrated college and career pathways are prepared for college by completing courses that are transferrable to CSU’s and Universities and career by taking classes with a focus on specific high demand industry sectors. Paid internships are correlated with an improved chance of obtaining full-time employment and higher pay.




Program overview:

Digital badges provide on-line verification of a student’s qualifications, skill set, technical ability, or proficiency. They allow students to be recognized for skills that are often not measured in traditional ways, while providing a dynamic tool for employers to verify candidate qualifications.


How it works:

If you are a Washington Unified School District student go to LRNG.

Earn digital badges by completing  learning experiences or XP’s called a playlist.

Upload proof of your work after completing each XP in order to earn a digital badge.

Digital badges unlock opportunities and new learning experiences.


Why this strategy:

Digital badges help demonstrate the talent and capabilities of local youth and makes them more employable. Businesses have the opportunity to strengthen the local workforce by working with West Sacramento to create and design badges that align with the skill sets they need in their employees. Badges are available for skills such as design thinking, financial literacy, time management, Arduino programing and more.


Digital Badges: How to Get Started


If you are a Washington Unified School District student, go to LRNG


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