Andrew Wallace

According to Andrew Wallace, CFO and COO at Wallace-Kuhl and Associates, the career ready internship program of the West Sacramento Home Run “is working out really well for us”. Andrew is one of the leaders behind Wallace-Kuhl and Associates, an award-winning geotechnical engineering firm that provides services ranging from forensic engineering and geologic services, construction materials testing and special inspection, to environmental site assessments and ecological consulting services. A host of integrated college and career pathway interns since 2016.

Andrew sees the value for his business through the work products that interns generate and the value that they contribute to Wallace Kuhl and Associates bottom line. According to Andrew, internships not only provide Wallace Kuhl the opportunity to have access to some of the most talented members of our future workforce, but also to provides youth with the means to make their in-classroom experiences come to life. Of the interns Andrew says that “we put them with our professionals and train them and teach them to be productive. And they learn the theories and things they’ve learned in school applies to the real world and they figure out how they fit into that world”